In Memoriam – A Beloved Friend and Beyond Team Member



Jan Drummond unexpectedly passed in her sleep during the early hours of November 28th, 2013; it was her Birthday and US Thanksgiving. The world is lessened by the sad loss.

She was a core member of the Beyond team from 2004 until the end of shooting and on into distribution in 2007. She was so full of passion and enthusiasm for what we were doing that she did a bit of everything. Research, props, hair, locations, lighting and of course, on-camera appearances. We treasured her and her family’s involvement. Her contribution to the series was immensely appreciated.

Jan reminded me so often of my mother, every time I saw her spirit of fun, when dealing with her family. She mixed a mean cocktail, danced the dance and was a perfect hostess. She and her sister Gwen were so considerate and compassionate with weekly visits, to talk about Beyond, following my daughter Marin’s death. Later we exchanged a lot of laughs and Rachel and I appreciated her both as a member of the Beyond team and as a loyal friend.

After Beyond she excelled in her own ongoing paranormal research and organized highly successful symposiums in Saskatchewan continuing the passion that inspired her and many members of her family and friends.

Jan had a thirst for learning about what lies Beyond. The facts uncovered by working on the series convinced me of the reality of life beyond death. So I am certain that Jan is now aware of at least a few answers to some of the mysteries that fired her imagination.

Our hearts go out to Dan, Amy, Shaun and the rest of her family.

We will miss your calm, knowing smile, and bright, supportive, non-judgmental, spirit of enquiry to learn about our universe.

Thank you, Jan. We’ll be seeing you.