An Update from…Beyond

Hello Beyond watchers!

A few things to discuss about our beloved series, Beyond. The first and most devastating one is, for those of you who don’t know, our writer and director, Steven Rumbelow, passed away this year and it has been a difficult year for all of us on the Beyond team. He was larger than life and had a passion for the paranormal and paranormal research like nobody else I have ever seen. His absence is felt worldwide and we miss him very much.
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The second thing is that HULU decided to cull a lot of their nonfiction programming in September and Beyond was part of the slaughter. You can still watch the series on Amazon Prime or rent the series per season or per episode for a nominal fee on Amazon Video. We know a lot of you enjoyed watching us on HULU and if you are upset about this decision, I encourage you to contact HULU and let them know.

Beyond was a passion project for Steven and we are committed to making sure it sticks around. This includes a new website in the New Year and talks with producers who admired Steven’s work about producing more episodes. Please stay tuned and spread the word about Beyond on Amazon to help keep the series going. We look forward to what awaits the series and its fans…Beyond.

New Article Series from Steven Rumbelow

The following article is the beginning of a new article series we are pleased to present. Steven Rumbelow has agreed to write about his paranormal experiences that led him to do this labour of love, Beyond. He will also write about a few behind-the-scenes experiences that he and the crew experienced during the filming of the show.

Brandon House House Hotel – Hauntings 1951 to 1964

brandonhouseThe house today shows most of
the rooms with the curtains closed 24/7, constant space rental signs and a general rundown appearance. 




My Mother and Grandmother decided when I was about two years old to take out a lease on a huge, old Georgian House at the centre of Bristol. It proved to be a successful attempt to drag the family out of poverty after my Grandfather deserted the family when he ran off to South Africa. He did this after becoming a multimillionaire with the sale of his successful chain of Rumbelow’s stores.

The hotel became a regular stop for celebrities like Cliff Richard, Lulu, all the biggest Wrestlers of the day and a number of professors because of its proximity to the University. When we moved into the house I was sick with hooping cough and I remember it well because the fumes of renovation made me sicker and I was put on a camp bed in the kitchen. Whilst laying there at night, I would stare out at the light in the hallway, a bare bulb and there is where I remember the sight of my first apparition in that house.

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In Memoriam – A Beloved Friend and Beyond Team Member



Jan Drummond unexpectedly passed in her sleep during the early hours of November 28th, 2013; it was her Birthday and US Thanksgiving. The world is lessened by the sad loss.

She was a core member of the Beyond team from 2004 until the end of shooting and on into distribution in 2007. She was so full of passion and enthusiasm for what we were doing that she did a bit of everything. Research, props, hair, locations, lighting and of course, on-camera appearances. We treasured her and her family’s involvement. Her contribution to the series was immensely appreciated. Continue reading

Beyond Is Now on Hulu!

Just in time for the month of Halloween! Beyond is now available to our viewers in the US on Hulu! As of this posting all four seasons are available! This is a great way to get caught up on the series and add to your paranormal/parascience knowledge.

Clck here to watch Beyond on Hulu.

Don’t forget, you can also buy the series on DVD here. Beyond has been called an encyclopedia for the paranormal and It’s a great addition to any paranormal library.

Barry Taff – Aliens Above, Ghosts Below

Hey everybody! Our good friend Dr. Barry Taff has a great book out called Aliens Above, Ghosts Below.

In this book, Dr. Taff explores how parapshychology will lead the way into the future. It is a fascinating read. Click here for the official page on Dr. Taff’s site or go straight to Amazon or Barnes & Noble to purchase it. If you have even the slightest interest in the paranormal, you will be glad you did!